Daily Archives: February 4, 2015

Julia Child by John Candy

John Candy as Julia Child. In a boxing ring; fighting Mr. Rogers. Only in Canada.


However, while the American in me loves her creativity, her entrepreneurship, her “can-do” spirit…the Canadian in me keeps drifting back to the comedic equivalent of Child’s brilliant inventiveness: Second City Television. During the cold dark winter, I have taken to maintaining my spirits by watching every “Julia Child” video available on YouTube. She was AMAZING!!! Like Dale Carnegie, she invented her entire genre and multiple categories of business.
SCTV, not surprisingly, presented one of the best parodies ever, “Battle of the PBS Stars.” I recall seeing the Julia Child versus Mr. Rogers episode once, when I was about 20. When I went looking for it on YouTube – there it is! “Coq au vin or no coq au vin, this woman is in trouble!”
You can only be sad that John Candy is gone; but you have to rejoice that he left such moments for us. Here is one of the best clips ever, to help ward away your February Blahs – and true Julia Child fans will love it most of all. (Watch for Julia/John getting a spritz of water from a turkey baster and spitting into a 9×13 pan…)