Daily Archives: February 14, 2015

Make great home-made broth: turkey or chicken


While there are LOTS of methods available to make broth – often chicken broth recipes will call for the whole chicken to be boiled, or just legs and thighs – over the decades I have found nothing tastes better than broth made from a bird that has been roasted first. This is known as a “dark” broth (owing to the roasted, caramelized flavour which is the result of the roasted bones and drippings) versus a “light” broth (which comes from boiling a raw bird or raw pieces).

Sometimes, I roast a bird JUST to make broth. Other times, I take advantage of a big family roast turkey-or-chicken meal to do double duty – platters of meat being served at the table while the stock pot is already bubbling on the stove. It’s win/win, either way. I hope you find the visuals here helpful: when someone says “Clean a turkey” to a new cook, it can be somewhat overwhelming! Here is a step by step demonstration.