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Just in time for Christmas parties! Tame the “Me Monster”

A week of Carnegie training in Atlanta changes everything, forever. 

One week ago, I was in Atlanta, Georgia, working to get endorsed in the Dale Carnegie “Leadership Training for Managers” program.

The really great news is that I left feeling that my business acumen and experience hold up well.

The really hard news is, that I am so self-centred that it put my endorsement at risk.

The habit of starting every sentence with the word “I” almost buried me. On Day #2, the Master Trainer pointed out rather gently that I say “I” a lot and that I insert myself into almost every comment.

“Nobody cares what YOU think. Use inclusive language,” Rebecca suggested.

On Day #3, she noted, “I pointed this out to you yesterday, yet you are still doing it. This is a deal-breaker, in Carnegie.”

By Day #4, weary Rebecca had apparently given up all hope. “We don’t care what YOU think.” “Nobody cares what YOU think.” “Say that again, without using the word ‘I’.”

Once, a co-worker described attending a two-week course designed to help him blast through barriers and perform better in his job. He loved the program – but it was so upsetting to his personal view of himself, “by the end of the first week, ALL THE SKIN PEELED OFF OF MY FACE!!” he recounted to me in astonishment.

If I had remained in Carnegie training for two more days, I am very sure, all of the skin would have peeled off of my face. My entire worldview and self image was upended: I am all about me. Or as Mike Smith would have noted skeptically, I’m all about “I, I, me, me, I.”

And so, just in time for Christmas, I offer this clip by Brian Regan: “The ME Monster.”

If you can take just a few seconds to imagine what all of the Christmas events ahead could be like, if you were able to tame “The ME monster,” my guess is that Christmas visits would go better for you. Certainly, they will be more enjoyable for other people.

My wish for you is, lots of wonderful hours and events with family and loved ones. I am very committed to this wish for you. And, I am not even worried that I started the last sentence with the word, “I.”

“Todd, Tom…it doesn’t matter!” Remembering names…it matters

I love Jim Gaffigan…I think Dale Carnegie would have loved him, too. 

What’s in a name? “Todd, Tom, it doesn’t matter!!”

Or maybe, it does

“A person’s name, is to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” 
–Dale Carnegie

I love that Jim Gaffigan uses “not remembering a person’s name” as the ultimate sign of disrespect in this clip. Dale would approve.