Daily Archives: March 12, 2015

Two of the smartest businessmen I know

“You cannot possibly save as much money as real estate can earn you,” George Tsinokas advised Baris Huner and I today. In 30 years of business, I have never heard truer words spoken. And that was just the start of our tour! I am so delighted for my readers that George has agreed to be my first Business Podcast. Stay tuned, I will be posting soon.


Smart business people find each other by telepathy or vibration, the way dolphins find each other in the ocean. Baris Huner (far right, owner of the 24 Hour Shopper’s Drugmart in Oshawa, Highest Achiever in my last Carnegie class) was so impressed by George Tsinokas (far left, partner in Valentino’s Grande Salon in Whitby, Carnegie Assistant Business Coach) Baris asked me if we could set up a tour of Valentino’s so he could explore George’s successful business practices. In the centre is Hannah, who organized our Tour.
Of course Baris and I had to get a “selfie” in front of Valentino’s beautiful Selfie Board. Hannah took our selfie, which makes it a “not a selfie” but we were having too much fun to worry about that.


Valentino’s is the single largest trainer of apprentice hair stylists in the Province of Ontario, and is now a provincially-recognized trade school and Training Academy. Here, Baris poses with 4 of Valentino’s 65 stylists/colourists in front of one wall stocked with just ¬†HALF of the colours they work with. The biggest regret Baris and I had was that he has no hair, so he could not actually have the full “Valentino’s Experience” including massage and moisturizing treatments; he ¬†just had to IMAGINE how nice it would be.