Daily Archives: March 14, 2015

French Canadian Potage – vegetables+


My friend Benoit Violette, who is French from New Brunswick, taught me how to make authentic Potage, the ultimate vegetable soup. There was nothing more welcome on a cold, snowy Ottawa day than to arrive home and smell Ben’s delicious, comforting Potage cooking on the stove!

Click here for the video.

(Once, when my dad was visiting Ottawa I was cooking t-bone steaks for our dinner; while I was preparing steaks, Dad ate 3 bowls of Ben’s Potage with french bread – he could not stop eating it. He ended up skipping the steak altogether as he had completely filled up on Potage!)

The only thing I have changed is that I add fresh ginger to the pan with all of the other vegetables; I like ginger with root vegetables.

One bowl of Potage can basically provide you with all the vegetables you are supposed to eat in a day.