Parents turn in their kids

Small-town Ontario values survive.


From the Orono Times Weekly, March 25 2015:

Two sets of parents turned their sons in to police after seeing reports of stolen military-style pellet rifles.

Durham Regional Police are crediting parents of several teenagers for ensuring their sons took full responsibility for their role in the theft.

In a media release issued last week Tuesday, police reported that sometime between Saturday, February 21 and February 28, 2015, a cube van parked deep in the bush on a rural property on Concession Road 8, east of Canadian Tire Mosport Park was broken into. The property was used by weekend “war game” enthusiasts. Items stolen from the van include five assault style rifles – which according to police look very similar to real AK-47s and MR assault rifles, flare guns, a blank firing pistol and a 1964 decommissioned anti-tank missile and two black helmets. Investigators had been advised the missile was used as a prop during war games, it had been made inoperable. According to police the property is used be weekend “war game” enthusiasts who use decommissioned military equipment and Airsoft pellet rifles.

In a media release issued on Monday, March 32, Durham Regional Police report that two different families brought their 16-year-old sons to the Bowmanville police station in relation to the thefts. Three suspects were involved in the theft of the items while others knowingly took possession of stolen items. In all seven boys 15 and 16 years of age confessed to stealing or possession stolen items.

All the stolen items have been recovered and the seven teens have entered into diversion programs with the court, which if successfully completed will leave the teens with no criminal record.

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