50 Clove Garlic Soup

Soup still
This is not a soup to serve to company. This is a soup for hand-to-hand combat with colds and sore throats.

It may be as much placebo or superstition as garlic and chicken broth, but I have not had a cold in 5 years (knock wood!)

I make 50 Clove Garlic Soup in the fall and freeze it in one-cup portions. Anytime I feel a tickle in my throat, I eat a bowl. Maybe all the garlic just keeps people away so that I am not EXPOSED to any germs…who knows? It is warm and comforting and delicious, and it’s working for me!

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Olive oil (for frying)

One large onion

50 cloves of garlic, chopped (or one whole jar of Derlea Chopped Garlic)

One cup of fresh Thyme, cleaned and chopped OR one quarter cup dried thyme. Or a mixture of both.

6 cups chicken broth

One can Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup

Salt and pepper to taste


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