Great news! EVERYBODY gets to choose their thoughts

On January 22st I posted a blog detailing what I thought about the “Women’s March” in Washington DC. The backlash was swift, and severe. In fact, in one 24 hour period I was contacted by four Muslim men, basically telling me to sit down and shut up.

I would be so perfectly content to go back to posting nothing but happy food and dog stories – and I’ve done lots of those – but on February 16th, Canada’s Parliament will be debating M-103, a motion which is a step on the way to making criticizing Islam against the law.

I would simply like to reiterate the point I made when Ontario fought the introduction of Sharia Law in 2005: we do not need two sets of laws. Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms already protects all religions equally. That includes Islam. We do not need a special, separate law to protect Islam.

12 years after the Ontario battle against Sharia, we are fighting it again at the federal level. The solution is the same:  one law for everyone, and everyone equal before the law. Muslims are not special in our democracy, or our civilization. They need to toughen up, the same way everyone else does. The great news is that they can choose to do so. I wrote about that here after the Charlie Hebdo shootings, and when I go back to read it is seems only more true now than it did then.

Islam, Charlie Hebdo, the CBC…what would Dale Carnegie say? Here’s what he wrote.


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