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He did….what??

I am not a doctor – I have a high school education.

But here is a partial  list of things I have seen in my lifetime that result in human beings taking part in behaviours which are completely out of character for them:

  • extreme stress including bankruptcy or massive personal loss
  • mental illness, mood disorder or brain disorder including brain tumour
  • blood chemical imbalances including diabetes
  • medications, new medications, or medication changes (brand or dosages)
  • concussion & untreated concussion
  • small stoke or untreated stroke
  • Alzheimer’s, especially Early Onset Alzheimer’s, and other forms of dementia
  • heart condition which includes reduced blood flow to the brain
  • food allergies, undiscovered or developed later in life
  • supplements and steroid medications. Creatine taken to build muscles, which is available over the counter, has caused enormous problems for some men that I know who have taken it
  • Substance abuse
  • PTSD

And, added after conversation with a very smart woman:

  • Addiction, including addiction to social media

These situations occur so consistently in my life that I have learned that when someone does something utterly bizarre and out of character, I should just stand back and shut up until I can determine what is actually going on.

Through the mental health training I have been fortunate enough to take, I have learned that often the most devastating consequence of a breakdown or psychotic break is the shame with which the person lives afterward. I would hope never to add to such shame but only be patient and understanding until all the facts are known; I hope I would be afforded the same consideration in a similar situation.

Alpha: Spoiler alert. It’s not what you think.

This wolf, while injured, lay still and allowed a strange human being to tie a muzzle on his snout. This will be hilariously funny to anyone who has ever put a muzzle on a tame, trained dog.


“Alpha: The Movie:” Spoiler alert!

It’s not what you might think. It’s true that as a dog owner, I was surprised that the main character Keda had less difficulty taming an aggressive, fully-grown wild wolf than the typical Labrador Retriever owner has potty-training history’s most docile breed.

I was a bit bemused that a teen-aged boy who can’t start a fire, won’t kill a hog and doesn’t want to leave his mommy to go hunting with the men was being groomed to be Leader of the tribe; but it’s fiction, after all, so I suspended disbelief.

(“He’s not ready!” his mother frets. “He leads with his heart, not his spear!” Geez, I thought, I hope she’s ready to run fast if a hostile tribe descends under Keda’s leadership…)

The crucial plot turn – Keda lacks the good sense to get out of the way of a charging bison – leaves him wounded and abandoned to the elements. He rallies, tames a wolf in no time, and starts the long, cold hike back home. It’s a good thing he has Alpha, the tame wolf, to look after him, protect him, and provide him with food. Why, Alpha looks after him almost as well as his mommy did!

So that, by movie’s end, as Keda (who nursed Alpha back to health, cleansed his wounds, dried his fur, and spent months sleeping next to him) realizes that Alpha is actually a FEMALE dog only when she gives birth to a litter of puppies, it’s hardly a surprise at all. What teen-aged hunter WOULDN’T notice the extreme lack of penis and testicles on an animal?

So, “Alpha” is not the alpha-male, leader of the pack. Alpha is a female. That’s not the surprise. It’s 2018, after all.

The real jaw-dropper was watching the credits roll at the finish of the movie. Out of curiosity, I stuck with them right to the end – watching, watching, watching, watching, got a coffee, watching, went to the bathroom, watching, checked my email, tried to estimate how many dozens – no, hundreds, no THOUSANDS of people worked on the worst movie I’ve ever seen – watching watching watching until there it was: my suspicions were justified.

Funded by taxpayers.


I paid $17.99 for this movie. An episode of “The Littlest Hobo” would have been more entertaining, and more realistic.

Oh, and for good measure, Alpha the Female Alpha is played by “Chuck.”


Click here to view the credits. Get a coffee first.