Daily Archives: November 9, 2018

He did….what??

I am not a doctor – I have a high school education.

But here is a partial  list of things I have seen in my lifetime that result in human beings taking part in behaviours which are completely out of character for them:

  • extreme stress including bankruptcy or massive personal loss
  • mental illness, mood disorder or brain disorder including brain tumour
  • blood chemical imbalances including diabetes
  • medications, new medications, or medication changes (brand or dosages)
  • concussion & untreated concussion
  • small stoke or untreated stroke
  • Alzheimer’s, especially Early Onset Alzheimer’s, and other forms of dementia
  • heart condition which includes reduced blood flow to the brain
  • food allergies, undiscovered or developed later in life
  • supplements and steroid medications. Creatine taken to build muscles, which is available over the counter, has caused enormous problems for some men that I know who have taken it
  • Substance abuse
  • PTSD

And, added after conversation with a very smart woman:

  • Addiction, including addiction to social media

These situations occur so consistently in my life that I have learned that when someone does something utterly bizarre and out of character, I should just stand back and shut up until I can determine what is actually going on.

Through the mental health training I have been fortunate enough to take, I have learned that often the most devastating consequence of a breakdown or psychotic break is the shame with which the person lives afterward. I would hope never to add to such shame but only be patient and understanding until all the facts are known; I hope I would be afforded the same consideration in a similar situation.