Repeat, Repair, Recycle: an endless loop that actually helps

I recently read a Bible verse that made me laugh out loud. It reminded me of a government flowchart I’d been given which “flowed” in a perfect, endless circle.

No resolution, no objective to achieve, no logical conclusion: it just went around and around in an endless process of collecting information to make a decision about an action that would never, according to the flowchart, actually take place.

Even more hilariously, the professional bureaucrats who created the flowchart saw nothing wrong with it.

So in conversation with a friend facing challenging times, I referred to this Bible verse – Romans 5:3 – but to cheer him up and illustrate the idea, I transferred it into a flow chart. An endless, rrepetitive flowchart which I think goes on for an entire lifetime; except that hopefully this one is actually helpful to human beings.