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Sad but True: Article worth reading. “A strong work ethic, spiritual conviction, and parental support are by far the best psychological predictors of a successful life, no matter what a person’s ethnic or class background.

Posting as a special request by John Papadakis….he loves the law, and can’t figure out Toronto:

Oh, come on. Aboriginal groups of all stripe are among the most sexist allowed and supported by taxpayers in Canada. I attended an announcement with Tony Clement in 2007 in Winnipeg at which one of the Chiefs warned me, “Women are not allowed to touch the Spirit Stick!” “Buddy, I have no intention of EVER touching your ‘Spirit Stick,'” I replied in disgust. This cannot be news to anyone. According to the Indian Act, women on reserve do not even have human rights.

I have always loved Dave Barry, and now I love him even more. Happy Father’s Day!

Kelly McParland nails this perfectly – electoral reform . “Now, however, the party has lost three successive elections, so something must be wrong. Not with the party, mind, but with the election system. How can anyone put their faith in a system that doesn’t reliably elect Liberals?”


I have to say, the #distractinglysexy posts were by far the most fun things to read this week…how unfortunate that a man who apparently has supported lots of women throughout his career is in such trouble at age 72. It should honestly serve as a precautionary tale for anyone who speaks without considering the consequence of their words. You are ALWAYS on the record. Life is not very forgiving.


This could be an important development for journalism in Canada. Congratulations on your launch, and do great job, JournalismIs! And this is for fun, to help celebrate the fact that we Canadians are so lucky to Chantal Hebert to explain things to us.

This is awesome – Congratulations, Magna Carta 2015 Canada! Everyone, kids and adults, will learn lots from this animated version of Magna Carta history. It looks like the tour year will be terrific.

I tip my hat to the Star, and I’m so glad to see Canada is plugging away at eliminating these inappropriate media relationships.

This is great – Hydro One firing sexist buffoon. I’m sure his mom will die laughing, eventually. Unless she mortgaged her house to pay for his engineering degree, in which case, perhaps not.

Chairman Mao said no one would invade the United States because there is someone with a gun “behind every blade of grass.” It seems like pretty poor planning for any group to stage an attack IN TEXAS. TEXAS! No surprise the attackers were shot dead in short order.

April Fool’s – OhMyGod, it’s true! 

Great job, John Papadakis! Keep swinging.

Wait…what? Christian prayer is illegal before Quebec municipal meetings, but Muslim prayers are legally protected in Alberta schools? I’m so confused.

GREAT headline!

Let this be a lesson to you…cheaters never win.

This is GREAT news! Congratulations Canada and thank you, Lisa LaFlamme and Robert Fife. And once again, I suggest everyone who cares about media integrity read Sharryl Attkisson’s chilling book, “Stonewalled.” 

Three of my favourite, dynamic, “just teach kids to read” women team up on this blog: Malkin Dare, Doretta Wilson, and especially, Jo Anne Gross. They care about kids, and know that if kids – especially boys – are not reading by Grade 3, disaster follows. Read this and weep. 

Imagine, there is a law and everyone is expected to obey the law. Toronto taxi companies have no problem with Uber: “They should obey the same laws we do…or, we should be allowed to skip the laws they skip. One law for everyone on a level playing field.” Toronto Police actually start enforcing the law. 

Well. Who would have predicted this? Buh-bye, Danielle Smith!

This makes me proud to be Canadian. Thank you Lisa LaFlamme and Robert Fife. 

THANK YOU Lisa LaFlamme and Robert Fife for putting your careers on the line report this story. And thanks to the Globe and Mail for having the integrity to cover it. Canadians should be very, very wary of the corporatization of the news. Sharyl Attkisson’s book “Stonewalled” outlines exactly where this will lead, which is NOT where we want to go.


And here are Dale Carnegie’s nine leadership principles summarized for busy business people in Business Insider magazine. The more things change, the more important Carnegie’s principles become!


 GREAT analogy by Councillor Gord Perks on Uber: “A lot of businesses want a special deal. We’re not in the business of special deals. If Beck [Taxi] said, ‘We want a special deal over Co-Op [Cabs],’ I would show them the door.”


Is it just me…or is it a bit odd that the LCBO is suggesting wine pairings to go with eggs at breakfast?


This is an excellent article which summarizes 8 weeks of Carnegie anti-BMW talks (no bitching, moaning or whining).


Food is so much more than…food. This is wonderful. Thank you Donna Kairys for posting.

Geez. If you can’t trust the people who first enlightened you to the fact that a blanket can have sleeves (it’s called, a “robe”) who can you trust?

It is astonishing to me, ABSOLUTELY astonishing, that today in 2015 women are still being abused, and many who know still do nothing about it. When I worked at Status of Women and it was my job to find this information, the best website I found was Ontario’s Neighbours, Friends and Families: someone ALWAYS knows.

Whether or not they act is a different thing. Imagine my shock today, speaking to a brilliant young woman from my Carnegie class, and finding out she was physically and verbally abused in a relationship and her family did nothing to protect her. I am stunned. I’m crying, actually. In the run-up to International Women’s Day, I’d like to remind all Canadians: while women have made great strides economically, physical abuse statistics have not budged in decades.


Here is a fantastic story to make your day!

As always, Lorrie Goldstein is spot-on with this. The Ontario government has made quite an issue of teaching kids “consent,” and yet is ramming the new sex-ed curriculum through without the consent of parents. A few months for a legitimate consultation would not hurt anyone and if support for the curriculum is there, the truth will out. The last poll I saw said support was about 50%; that leaves, as we say in politics, “a significant discontented rump.”


Thug Notes!! Are you a fan? These are HILARIOUS and I am so glad my son David introduced me to them. Coles notes for the 21st century – Thug Style.

I was honoured to interview two brilliant scientists for this article in Landmark Report – although I wish such an article was not necessary.

This is a brilliant concept, in third world nations where people lack iron in their diets, The Lucky Iron Fish Project distributes beautiful little “lucky iron fish” for cooks to drop into their kettles of food. Helpful, accessible dietary iron migrates from the Lucky Iron Fish to the food – as it does for us in North America when we cook in cast iron! Such a simple solution to a giant problem.

This is one of the worst things I have ever read…no wonder this poor kid sucks his thumb for comfort! Who on Earth would do this to a 4 year old child?

Such a mean-spirited policy…but this article is worth reading just for the very reasonable quote, “I don’t see that being a problem as long as it’s not a five-tiered cake being wheeled in by a horse.”

I KNEW it!

A 72 per cent increase in per-pupil spending, while test scores actually declined.

Judge Andrew Hanen orders a halt – at least temporarily – to Obama’s immigration plans. Turns out there MAY be limits to Executive Power.

Go Health Canada! This summary on metals and cookware is EXCELLENT.

Wow….this article confirms/reiterates everything I just taught in my Carnegie class tonight. Dale was so far ahead of his time! I have been following with interest the studies which show aerobic exercise can have the same impact on depression as a mild anti-depressant. Now it appears it could be BETTER.

…just as I am interviewing international experts for an article on the psychology behind the measles outbreak, Canadaland posts this. We really need to do better.

Had the Toronto District School Board implemented the facilities renewal plan proposed by the Mike Harris government, billions of dollars could have been saved closing half-full schools and the funds invested in school renewal and repair. All of this was completely avoidable. 

Reading John Snobelen’s piece – he is always interesting – makes me think that for all the challenges she endured and presented…at least Helena Guergis stayed true to her Conservative roots and did not cross the floor. I was working for Helena when she resigned and when I asked her if she would mind if I wrote about the whole sorry episode, she replied, “Rita, as long as you only write what you actually heard me say. If I said it, you can write it. Please don’t repeat rumours you heard from other people.”

Interestingly, Eglinton-Lawrence was the very riding in which Liberal Rocco Rossi ran as a Conservative in the 2011 provincial election. I was asked to volunteer there and attended an organizing meeting, assuming the candidate would be an actual Conservative. When the Eg-Law PCs nominated former Liberal Party VP Rocco Rossi, I bailed on the project. Rossi got pounded by Liberal Mike Colle. Is Eglinton-Lawrence a magnet for turncoats? And if so, why? 

I love “Canadaland” and happily pay $4 month to support Jesse Brown in his quest to keep Canadian media honest and accountable. Here’s an eye-opener on the Star’s Gardasil feature.

This site will adopt as general policy, if I am quoted in the article it must be deemed “interesting” by default!

Yikes! Gary Clement on Eve Adams.

Published on Landmark Report – my review of “You lie!” and “Stonewalled.” Disturbing study of American media and politics, but we should be glad that at least they have been written.