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The drug stash I keep in my car

This is the drug stash I keep in my car, in the front seat console of my Chevy Equinox.

The EpiPen is epinephrine to inject in case of allergic reaction causing anaphylactic shock. I don’t have any allergies, but I keep it in case I am ever at an event where a little kid gets stung by a bee or accidentally eats peanut butter. I pay cash for that; it expires every year.

The Naloxone is in case I am ever near a human being suffering from an opioid overdose; should such a person collapse, I am to spray the Naloxone up their nose, hopefully while someone else is dialling 911.  I don’t pay for that; the province of Ontario will provide one of these for free to anyone who requests it of their pharmacist. My pharmacist also delivers a very effective tutorial on how to use Naloxone when I pick up a new kit;  he takes it very seriously.

In 2020, I was proud to be part of a society that cared to spend money on a product that might save the life of a person addicted to drugs. Ontario and its taxpaying residents decided that it would be better to save lives now, and talk about personal choices later. I support that idea.

In 2021, the same caring society is hurling jeers and insults at people making a personal choice. The same system that would send a cop car, an ambulance and a fire truck to the home of an addict who took too much of something is talking about firing or denying healthcare to someone who doesn’t want to take enough of something else.

How did things go south so quickly? Where did all the kind caring and personal choice go?

This ignarent, selfish yahoo of a nurse is also apparently wondering where all the love and caring she got last year has gone.