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Canada’s Food Guide 2019: How does it compare to Keto?

Canada’s New Food Guide has been released – this is a HUGE project which requires years of effort (and argument) by scientists and nutritionists. Doctors, athletes, fitness coaches and multiple other groups will find things to debate about the Guide for many years to come; it was ever thus. At least, the Guide gives us a place to START. As my old boss used to sigh, “It’s a GUIDE. It’s not the LAW. We are not telling you what you can or cannot eat; we are giving you GUIDANCE. That’s why it’s called “Canada’s Food Guide,” not “Canada’s Food Law.” Given that I have chosen to live a Keto lifestyle – and lots of other people are finding success with it too – I took a look at Canada’s new Food Guide with the idea, “How would I preserve the guidance in the Guide, but convert it to Keto?”
  1. Mainly, I would just drop the quarter of the plate dedicated to whole grains, and switch over to more vegetables, nuts and seeds. Keto calls for a “moderate” amount of protein; it is not high protein, but do make sure you are eating all the protein you need.
  2. I would drop out the high-carb sweet fruits and starchy vegetables, and pile my plate up with berries and low-carb vegetables instead.
Voila! The Keto Canada’s Food Guide. That was pretty easy. Love, Rita